Atomik Framework 2.0

Last night I finally published version 2.0 of Atomik Framework. It is a complete rewrite of previous versions but, unfortunately, not compatible. It has now an object oriented design and a much greater plugin system. It still fit into one script of 30Kb but it now only contains the core. All additional features are now provided as plugins. Atomik has now its official website,, where you can download the latest version and read the documentation. A plugins repository should soon be added. Features kept from previous versions (however rewritten):
  • Actions and templates
  • Event driven
  • The package system now renamed plugins
  • Pretty URLs
New features:
  • Only one class: Atomik
  • More events
  • Accessors (get/set/has/delete to access a global store)
  • Selectors (idea coming from javascript frameworks)
  • New directory structure
  • Actions and templates have now their own scope
  • Much cleaner and better API
  • More comments
  • New coding standards (borrowed from Zend Framework)
  • New way for plugins development
  • New plugins
You can learn more by reading the manual available on the website: Roadmap:
  • Plugins documentation
  • Plugins repository
  • Atomik Backend (work in progress, available in the trunk from the svn repository)
You can submit bug reports and ideas on the Google code website: Download Atomik

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