Updates on Atomik Framework

Its been a while since the release of Atomik 2.0 and I said a new release would come quickly. Time has been however a bit short as I just moved to Montréal, Canada and have a lot of things to do. Still, Atomik is on its way to 2.1. The core is almost ready and I think no more features will be added. Some debug needs to be done.

Most of the work will now be focused on Plugins. Atomik 2.1 adds many features to plugins. Most plugins have changed to use these features. This also allow  plugins to do great new things! There will be two new very important plugins coming with 2.1: Model and Backend. The first one is an ORM, very simple to use but very powerful. It can work on any data types (database, xml, mails, web services…) and supports relations, fields type, validation and automatic form generation. The Backend speaks for itself! It adds a backend to any website built with Harmony. Each plugins can add their own page to the backend. Two plugins will come to complete the backend: Pages and Config. The first one adds CMS features to any Atomik website and the second enables you to manage the configuration.

The Model plugin is nearly finished. The Backend plugin needs however some work. I was hoping to release a first beta of 2.1 in mid October, but I will delay it to the end of October/early November.

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