About Harmony

Hi everybody, it’s been a while but I’m fairly busy these times. I would like to make a little note about Harmony Framework. The news of the first preview release has been around for some time now and I have seen some good and bad reactions. Most of them is about the usefulness of the framework.

I would like to remind that  Harmony is inspired and has the same goal as GWT (Google Web Toolkit). Their goal is to translate Java to Javascript and it’s a great library, very useful and helpful. I don’t see why Harmony’s goal should be seen differently. And I’m speaking about the goal only, I’m totally ok with the fact that some people may think it’s bad written, crap and anything else. Some people appears to think that the goal is to port php applications to javascript. This is NOT it! The goal is to use PHP on the server AND on the client. The server logic should stay on the server.

I think there is a real usefulness to Harmony. It’s a young project and I’m actively developing it. I hope next versions and a manual will clear these doubts about it.

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