Harmony and FireUnit

I don’t know if you’ve seen the news, but yesterday John Resig released FireUnit, a unit testing utility for javascript integrated to Firebug.It seems a great piece of software and it immediately got me thinking about integrating it to Harmony!

Some times ago I read a comment about Harmony on onGWT about the fact that frameworks mimicking GWT for other languages were going to harm GWT because they’re of lesser quality. It is clear that Harmony is a microbe compare to GWT (and I’m not talking about quality - I think Harmony is “pretty good” when following PHP standards) but I want it to grow!

Adding unit testing would be a great step forward! So when I saw the news of FireUnit, it strikes me: it must be integrated into Harmony. Thus, I’m going to start a new package named Harmony_Test which will provide unit testing in php as well as in javascript. You will be able to test your classes in both language so you’re sure the translation process has gone well.

I hope this new package will show my determination to build an enterprise class framework.
I also started a new package yesterday called Harmony_Zend which will facilitate integration between Harmony and the Zend Framework. For the moment, I’m mostly in a refactoring process. I hope to release the first beta before the end of the year…

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