Atomik 2.2 M1: one day late but it's there!

I said that I released it before the end of March. I'm one day late but it's here: the first milestone for Atomik 2.2! This new version has great new features which will make Atomik really simple to use. The core is mostly finished and I'm now working on plugins. I can't give a release date yet as there's still lot of work.

So what's new in this release?

  • File extension support in routes
  • View contexts: allow to serve the same view in different format
  • Actions targeted to specific HTTP methods (to do RESTful websites)
  • View helpers
  • Pluggable applications (the biggest improvement of the core I think)
  • Register methods on the Atomik class (PHP 5.3 only)

And the cool think is that it's already fully documented!

Be aware that there is a big compatibility break with the configuration. New configuration keys are listed in Appendix A of the documentation.

But the things I'm the most excited about in this new release are the new plugins. Using the new pluggable applications feature, I created the Backend plugin which adds, as its name implies, a backend to your website. Plugins can then create administration interfaces in this backend. For example, the Db plugin will now come with a database management interface! It will become very easy to create simply administrable website.

Another plugin that I'm hardly working one is the Db one. From version 2.2 it will include models support. I tried to create a very simple (yet powerful) way to define your models. The great thing is that their data source won't have to be a database. I'll talk more about that later. From Atomik 2.2, there will also be a sub-project called Atomik Lib. When I create a plugin, I always try to create the associated libraries as reusable as possible. These will now be available as independent packages or all together, like the Zend Framework.

Note that there is no documentation for new plugins as well as for Atomik Lib yet. These new plugins are also in heavy development so don't expect much of them for now. You can still download them to have a look.

Download Atomik 2.2 M1
Documentation (see bottom of the page)

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