Moving to Posterous and some updates

I have moved the blog to Posterous as you can notice. All articles have been migrated but I only checked and reformated the ones from the two first pages. Expect to encounter poorly formated posts or broken links if you go too deep in the archives. You can email me if such things happen.Unfortunately I couldn’t migrate the comments as they are managed by Disqus, which is not compatible with Posterous for the moment (I hope it will be soon!). If you subscribed by RSS, do not forget to change the url (unless you’re using the feedburner feed).

The reason for this move is that I don’t have a lot of time on my hand anymore. I’m working a lot on the products for Novaden and I didn’t want to bother with managing my personal server and servers for the company. Posterous is a great blogging platform even if I miss some little things (like Disqus and Google Reader shared items in the sidebar).

As I’m losing my personal server (one month left), I’m discontinuing, an old project which has never succeeded.

I’m also going to move some of my open source projects (Atomik, Bushu and Spatial Desktop) to my company. They now will be developed and sponsored by Novaden (but no worries about the licence, they will always be open source). Hosting of these projects will now be provided by Novaden. I’ve never talked about Bushu but I will soon do a proper presentation.

Also, I’m going to migrate all code repositories to github. I think github is becoming the leader for open source code repositories and social coding. It provides great features and has really simplify forking and working on any projects.

I don’t know what is going to happen to Harmony yet. It will be migrated to github for sure but I don’t know if I’ll get back to work on it yet.

These changes should occur before the end of the month.

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