A new start with Jekyll

I’ve redesigned and migrated this site once again! This time using Jekyll, a static site generator in ruby. And it’s back on my own server.

Posterous was nice but I wanted a fresh start with my website, with more room for customization. The new layout offers more space for articles and a better footer.

The main point of Jekyll is that your posts are stored in files. This is great as I’ve been trying to limit as much as possible storing things in a database or an opaque storage system. Doing so makes the data more complicated to migrate or to backup.

My text formating syntax of choice is Markdown. It’s really easy to learn and easy to read in its raw form. I use it extensively in all my projects.

I store all the files in Dropbox to be able to edit them from anywhere. I also made a little Fabric file to deploy the site in one command:

All in all, I much prefer this new site and the way I can edit and post articles!

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