Syncing a Withings Scale with Fitbit

I recently got a Fitbit Ultra Activity & Sleep Tracker to track all sort of “health” metrics. I already have a Withings Scale which tracks my weight. I love being able to track all this data about me, it offers a new perspective on the kind of life I’m living.

Anyway, the problem is there was no way to get the Withings scale measurements into the Fitbit dashboard. Fitbit also sells a scale but I wasn’t going to buy a new one just like that. Fortunately, both services provide an API and it was easy to code a little tool to sync data between them.

It’s written in Python and it’s on Github:

As Withings provide a notification service which can call any URL when a new measure is added, the best way to use it is using the server mode:

$ ./sync --server

This will create a small web server that will be registered against the Withings API and will add any new measurements into Fitbit.

By the way, there was no python library for the Withings API and as the spec wasn’t very long, I created one:

It’s a shame there is no easy way to integrate these services together and that most people will be limited to one vendor. At least, both of them provide nice APIs so kudos to them.

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