Announcing Atomik 3.0

Good news for the beginning of this new year: a new version of Atomik Framework is out! Some people have been sending emails about the future of this project for a while and I finally took time to finalize the latest version.

I haven’t done all that I had planned because this would have mean more delays. In the future I plan to refactor the inner workings of the framework. This version introduces some compatibility breaks (but which should be solved quickly) but I think the API will stabilize from now on.

I removed a lot of all plugins that I didn’t want to maintain anymore. Atomik is a bit back to its roots.

This new version comes with a brand new site, an improved documentation and integration with Composer. Creating a new project is now as easy as:

php composer.phar create-project atomik/skeleton myproject

The reason of the very long time between the last release is that I’ve been moving away from PHP for personal projects. Anyway, I will try my best to keep Atomik the great micro framework it is ;)

Atomik is on github so feel free to submit pull requests or report issues.

Today I’m also launching The Opinionated Backpacker Store.

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