Big Update to Beautiful Docs

Beautiful Docs has reached version 1.0! I must be honest that the project was stagnant for some time. The recent Hacker News submission about pushed me to fix all the open issues and add the features I had been thinking about for some time.

The new features:

  • search (full client-side, no server needed)
  • rebuilt generation engine with support for themes
  • generate static pages alongside your documentation
  • links
  • integration with google analytics and disqus

Beautiful Docs is a static documentation generator based on markdown files. It is developed in Javascript with Node.js.

Install it with NPM:

$ npm install -g beautiful-docs

Create a manifest.json file:

    "title": "My documentation",
    "files": [""]

Generate the HTML website:

$ bfdocs /path/to/manifest.json /path/to/output

Learn more at

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