Introducing PHP DebugBar

Having some information about what’s happening in your application is always something nice to have. For some time, I used FirePHP which while working very well is pretty limited on the way to display information.

Some of the bigger frameworks like Symfony include a debug bar or a profiling utility. Unfortunately, it is always completly dependent on the framework (understandable) which means that standalone projects or smaller frameworks does not benefit from it.

With PHP DebugBar my goal was to create a completely generic debug bar which can be easily integrated in any project. It is divided into two parts: a server side component to collect data and a client side component to display the collected data.


A lot of data collectors are included, ranging from request data to PDO as well as collectors for popular projects like Doctrine and Swift Mailer.

The design of the data collectors is heavily inspired from the ones in Symfony which are unfortunately too much dependent on Symfony’s libraries.

The client side component is 100% coded in Javascript and is completely independent from PHP. It could easily be re-used in implementations for other languages. The only real dependency is jQuery but including FontAwesome adds nice icons.

Checkout for a live example and a comprehensive documentation.

I also created a DebugBar plugin for Atomik and the skeleton application now comes with the debug bar already activated.

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