Becoming a Digital Nomad

Although the “Hire me for your next project” page has been up for a few weeks, I didn’t talk much about it. As you may know, I’ve been traveling since January. What started as a round-the-world trip as now turned into something else as I have been taking on freelancing jobs for the last three months.

I already wrote a post, “Why I’m in Montreal Right Now”, in my travel journal covering this change and what it means for my travels.

I’m really enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle now but it needed some adjustments at the beginning. I now reserve a few half days per week for work and will usually do a bit of computer every morning or evening for minor tasks and keeping up with the news.

I work from many different kinds of places. If there is a coworking space nearby, I try to go there but I usually work from coffee shops or at the hostel/hotel.

In parallel to freelancing, I’m also working on new projects which I hope will become profitable in the long term. The beta of the first one, Makerspad, should start in the upcoming weeks.

All this is a new direction for my life and I don’t know what will happen in the future. What I know is that I’m having the time of my life and that I will work hard to keep living the dream for as long as possible!

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