Halloween Contest: Win a Copy of Instant Flask Web Development

It’s Halloween which means it’s time for some scary stories! I have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a giveaway of their new book, Instant Flask Web Development.

Instant Flask Web Development

About the book:

  • Manage your project dependencies using virtualenv
  • Understand how Flask provides URL routing and web request handling
  • Recognize how Flask serves static files on disk
  • Learn about modeling, storing, and querying data with SQLAlchemy
  • Present HTML forms and validate input with WTForms
  • Build a page layout with Twitter Bootstrap using a base Jinja template
  • Create, recall, update, delete, and list database records
  • Build custom template filters in Jinja to format data
  • Authenticate users and maintain sessions

The goal is to make the night as spooky as possible by sharing your scariest development stories! Post your story in the comment section below and win one of the three available digital copies of the book. Think of it as a mini Daily WTF context.

The contest will be open for 7 days, until the 7th of November. Winners will be contacted though the comments so be sure to use a method which allows me to reach you. Winners will receive an e-copy version of the book.

UPDATE: the winners were notified in the comments. Congratulations to them!

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