Learn new cooking skills and make a difference

Cooking4charity allows anyone to organize a cooking class where the benefits goes to a charity. Sharing a meal is a core value of many cultures on the planet. Take the next step by learning to cook while doing good in your community.

PHP Debug Bar

Generic and extendable debug bar for PHP 5.3+

Sponsored by one of my clients, this debug bar can be plugged very easily in any modern PHP application. It will collect data and display them in an appealing manner, right in your browser. Some of the most popular frameworks include a similar tool but no good generic ones existed which lead to the creation of this one.

Atomik Framework

Beginner friendly micro framework for PHP 5.3+

Atomik is my most popular Open Source projects having been downloaded more than 10000 times. I have been maintaining since 2006. It started as a way to teach a friend how to properly structure a PHP website. It grew to become a very flexible and beginner friendly framework, targeted at small to medium websites. It is in active use in several web agencies.

Beautiful Docs

Node.js based static documentation generator based on Markdown files

Beautiful Docs is also a popular project of mine which started from a need to generate nice documentation for Atomik. I was tired of docbook and not convinced by alternatives. Being a big fan of Markdown, it was a natural choice for the project.


Namespacing library for Javascript

A popular project which has reached its final form long ago but still actively used and downloaded. Created to solve the organizational problems of big Javascript applications. Better tools have appeared in the meantime (eg. requirejs) thus the lack of updates.

Other Projects